Super Film, one of the SANKO group of companies is offering high quality and cost effective Packaging and Technical films to the market, whilst respecting the environment, customers and personnel. From the initial project in 1993, the first line has started production in 1995 with 15.000 tonnes capacity. In 1997 capacity has been increased to 30.000 tonnes with the second line. Followig the investment of a third BOPP line with a capacity of 40,000 tonnes per year , our first BOPET line with a capacity of 18,000 tonnes per year , a multilayer barrier and CPP film line with a capacity of 6,000 tonnes per year , which were completed in 2005, and the only thermal lamination line in Turkey, Super Film has increased its production capacity to 94,000tones. Continuing the goal of strategic growth, Super Film, with the newly-purchased--BOPET line in Italy, with a 7,000 tonne production capacity per year, and a new 30,000 tonne production capacity - BOPET l, with start up at the end of 2011, the BOPET capacity has risen to 55,000 tonnes per year. Super Film continues to grow as one of the leading flexible packaging, label and technical film producers, by now offering a total flexible film capacity of 131,000tones to the market from the beginning of 2012 with one of the widest product ranges from the investments made todate. In addition Super Film can offer improved barrier properties of its films by coating alumunium in five metallization units with a capacity of 29.000 tonnes pa. There is also an adhesive tape production facility with a capacity of 300.000.000 m²/year. Super Film is not only the leader in the Turkish film market with its investments but also in the European market. Since the year 2000, Superfilm has won the Worldstar Award six times, AIMCAL Award three times and TSE Golden Packaging Award eight times. In 2006, our Supereco films were the highlight products to win a Worldstar Award. It is well known that it takes about 400 years for standard plastic packaging to degrade in the environment. However in comparison it takes about 14-18 months for our Supereco films to bio degrade under normal environmental conditions. Another innovative product from Super film is the twistable BOPET called PETWIST and which also won the Worldstar Award in 2009. As a result of our invesments Super Film has brought many new packaging specifications to domestic market. For example; Super Film has started to produce SUPGUARD films which are used in the packaging of meat, cheese, seafood. The new production line for Polyester films is now fully in operation increasing the market positon of Superfilm in new Food and Technical applications. Future investments are already planned and SUPER FILM will grow to become one of the most important film producers of the world. Today and in the future, our vision for our business will always be " quality and commitment "

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